Friday, February 22, 2013

Lake Como Properties - wins top industry awards for 2012

Lake Como Properties and Lake Como Expert – going strong since 1997 and the FIRST English-speaking rental agent on Lake Como.

Founder and Director, Beverley Rosen, moved to Lake Como in 1996 and soon saw a huge gap in the market – ‘the local tourist information office produced a small leaflet of Italian owners who rented out their properties. They listed their names and phone numbers, so if you were interested you just had to call them….. sounds simple…. But not so… none of them spoke a word of English!’

So Lake Como Properties was born, to bridge the gap between the Italian owners and English-speaking potential renters.

Over the years Lake Como Properties has handled hundreds of rentals all over Lake Como, but more recently specialises in up-market properties, like the award winning Villa Lilla, in Argegno, which has swept the board with 4 different awards from Trip Advisor.

Property rentals naturally then led Beverley into Property Sales and she has been acting as a Property Finder on Lake Como for the last 5 years, helping English-speaking clients find their dream home or holiday home on Lake Como. ‘I am not an estate agent’ says Beverley… ‘ but a Property Finder, which means that I don’t have a list of properties to sell to clients, but rather that I find the property to suit the client – I am client focussed and have access to any property that is for sale on Lake Como and to many that are never even listed with agents’.

A host of happy clients can vouch for Beverley’s services, which don’t just stop at finding the perfect property, she also introduces her clients to English-speaking lawyers, mortgage advisors and currency exchangers, opens their bank accounts, applies for their tax code and then even takes them shopping to furnish their house from trusted suppliers.

Client quotes
buying a property in Italy, thanks to Beverley, was even easier than buying a property in our home town – she held our hand every step of the way and handled all the technicalities – after our initial visit, we literally showed up to sign the contract!
MD, Guildford

The pre-selection process that we did with Beverley prior to our visit to Lake Como, ensured that our weekend of property hunting was time well-spent. We only viewed carefully pre-selected properties – all 8 of which met our requirements, enabling us to short-list 3 of them very quickly and finally deciding on the property that is now our dream holiday home in the lovely village of Argegno. Without her calm, patient, knowledgeable approach and her host of useful contacts, I don’t think we would ever have dared to take the plunge. We are so glad that we did!
DR, Paris

We had been searching for a property on Lake Como for over 5 years when a friend recommended Lake Como Properties to us. We initially chatted to Beverley on the phone, and very quickly agreed a short-list of properties from the extensive selection that she provided us with. We flew over for a week, determined to find somewhere. We spent the first 2 days viewing and the rest of the week sorting out the contract – we had finally done it. If only we had met her 5 years earlier.
AR, Dubai

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Finally! speed limits on Lake Como's western shore

Finally agreement has been reached on speed limits (see above) for the popular lakeside road on the western shore of Lake Como.

After months of arguments and protests by bus drivers, who wanted to maintain a 70km limit even through villages - There will now be a limit of 50km per hour through villages and 70km through tunnels and long stretches where there are no village centres.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Why do your appliances keep blowing the system in your new holiday home in Italy?

Why do your appliances keep blowing the system in your new holiday home in Italy?

Italian homes come with a basic 3.5kw (3500 watts) power supply. This is much less than we are used to in the UK and the USA for example.

Traditionally Italian homes would not have had a kettle – they don’t drink tea.
or a toaster - they are not big on breakfast and don’t eat toast.
or a clothes drier  - they still dry their clothes outside.
they cook with a gas hob, instead of electric.

So when you move into your holiday home and buy all your usual appliances, and live your life as you would at home – i.e. put the kettle on, with the toaster and the dishwasher, then your trip switch will flip.

There are 2 alternatives:
Learn to live like an Italian or apply to your electricity supplier to increase you supply. This is actually very easy. Or if you are building a new house or buying a new build, ask for it at the time of negotiation.
If you wish to increase your supply and your supplier is ENEL, simply call them or go into their local office. You will sign a document and pay the fee for the increase, currently €182.00 for 4.5kw (4500 watts) or €303.00 for 6kw (6000 watts)      . Then your monthly fixed fee will be increased by €14.50. Problem solved!

Handy chart to work out usage:
60 w light bulb
60w energy saving bulb
washing machine (average cycle)
clothes drier
electric grill
electric hob per ring (small)
electric hob per ring large
dish washer
LCD monitor
desktop pc
pool pump